Power Microtomes

Power Microtomes PT-PC

A PC controlled ultramicrotome supplied complete with all-in-one slim design computer, with integrated “Touch Screen” control monitor, wireless mouse & keyboard, interconnect cables & accessories. All control functions are activated by touching the control monitor screen, or by mouse, or by using the digital controller. Color monitor displays bright, user friendly, control icons logically & clearly located around central video image display panel.


  • Power Tome, high stability, zero back-lash, cutting arm drive system
  • High precision, manually operated, knife stage
  • Ergonomic photo stereomicroscope system with constant radial focus, eucentric tilt control adjustment & unique “Scan and Tilt” control.
  • Numeric & digital displays of number of sections cut, total specimen feed advanced, section thickness, cutting speed and specimen feed remaining
  • Built-in hand rests for maximum comfort when specimen trimming and collecting sections
  • Bright LED approach backlight with independent LED specimen transillumination/spotlight for specimen localization
  • Cutting zone set by unique Visutrac™ control that can be adjusted at any time. Cutting zone can also be set by positioning specimen & touching upper & lower cutting zone icons on the touchscreen or the control buttons on the tactile controller.
  • Electronic stepping control for automatic specimen advance/return
  • Built-in report generator & data base with specimen parameter recall mode.
  • Five memory channels to store frequently used cutting and trimming parameters
  • Built-in diagnostic & set-up routines
  • Help menu
  • HD video package with photo stereozoom microscope, c-mount & camera factory installed
  • Skype internet software factory installed with tech support contacts included.