Bio Purification Seminar 24/09 Nieuwgoed Zwijnaarde

Bio Purification Seminar 24/09 Nieuwgoed Zwijnaarde

SerCoLab is organizing a Bio-Purification Seminar in cooperation with Knauer, Tosoh Bioscience and Nouryon (ex Akzo Nobel) in Nieuwgoed (Zwijnaarde) on Thursday 24 September 2020.
The seminar will emphasize on purification applications covering proteins, peptides, DNA, nucleotides and mABS and will handle following topics:

* Tosoh’s Solutions for the efficient Purification of Biomolecules (Tosoh)

Tosoh Bioscience is your expert partner for process chromatography, specifically for the purification of biomolecules. Process chromatography is embedded in the whole life of biopharmaceuticals, from early-stage development up to large scale production through the entire scale-up phases and clinical trials. Discover how Tosoh’s chromatography solutions support the development of cutting-edge gene- and antibody-based therapies. Combining specifically developed media and innovative techniques allows reaching unmatched purities and improved productivity, which enables you to provide safe and efficient therapies against life-threatening diseases.

* Current Trends in the Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals (Tosoh)

Development and production of biopharmaceuticals is a growing segment of pharmaceutical industry. A thorough characterization of therapeutic biomolecules is key for the successful submission of data for regulatory approval of new drugs. The introduction of the so-called biosimilars has further increased the demand for highly efficient analytical methods. We will give an overview on current trends in (U)HPLC applications in biopharma development and production. New column developments supporting these techniques will be presented. Hyphenation of LC methods with mass spec or light scattering detection will also be covered.

* Purification strategies for Biomolecules e.g. peptides and oligo nucleotides with Silica materials (Nouryon)

For high purity purification strategies, Silica based HPLC materials are very powerful tools. High lifetime, excellent chemical and mechanical stability, reusage, easy handling and high efficiency allows a straight forward production setup. The complex mixtures of chemical synthesis products like solid phase peptides or oligo nucleotides requires a high final purity and good yield for a cost efficient approach. With fermentation processes the complexity of the mixture needs an efficient purification and/or polishing step as well. In this presentation, the theoretical background and practical aspects will be shown with examples for biomolecules.

* Analytical versus Preparative and Production-Scale HPLC: Some Considerations (Nouryon)

While much of the theory and equations that underlie high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) can also be used in preparative and production scale HPLC, there is a lot that is different. In this presentation, the similarity and differences will be shown and tools for method setup and optimization in process scale HPLC will be discussed with some real life examples.

Places are limited so if you are interested to participate send us your coordinates, so I can subscribe you.

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