55 years science together | KNAUER  {$code}

55 years science together | KNAUER

special offers

KNAUER is celebrating their 55th anniversary !

Therefore, we would like to thank the scientific community with special promotion packages.

3 special versions of our world class LC systems:

HPLC System

Prep LC System

Compact FPLC System

Our complete analytical gradient HPLC systems fits perfectly the demanding needs of method development. Made in Germany secures the world class performance and quality. Our top selling preparative system with maximum flow rate of 100 ml/min and ternary gradient. Perfect for the purification of miligram to gram samples. Our premium compact FPLC system is designed for isocratic FPLC applications. Outstanding performance allows you tu run time consuming SEC method more efficiently.

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Azura Compact Bio FPLC 10 / 50 system - Unique offer! {$code}

Azura Compact Bio FPLC 10 / 50 system - Unique offer!

The AZURA Compact Bio FPLC systems are designed for easy and isocratic  SEC and Affinity Chromatography applications. Thanks to the compact design and user friendly FPLC software PurityChrom Bio, the systems offer outstanding performance and ease of use. They are full compatible with all existing FPLC columns on the market.
The systems include a metal-free double piston unit, variable UV detection, injection module, fraction collector and PurityChrom Bio software.

Want to know more about this special offer?

Azura Compact Bio FPLC systems - Newsletter March 2016


Gas cylinders in and around the laboratory...GOODBYE! {$code}

Gas cylinders in and around the laboratory...GOODBYE!

Introducing BREZZA Ultra Pure Gas generators

The only line of bespoke gas generators that grows with your lab!
Whatever your industry and analytical technique, with Claind gas generators, you will get the best solution for applications requiring high purity gases like hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air.

A specialised network of sales professionals are able to support you in selecting the right gas generator and our service engineers will follow you, for any other need, during operation of our products.

UHP Nitrogen Generator NG2081 HC {$code}

UHP Nitrogen Generator NG2081 HC {$code}

UHP Nitrogen Generator NG2081 HC

Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generator (CLAIND)

Uniek aanbod - Offre unique!

Claind nitrogen gas generators use PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology to produce a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen.

The NG 2081 has a built in compressor and a catalytic reactor for hydrocarbon removal!
Claind nitrogen generators are unique among competitors: they are featured with the Fastart™ system which allows high purity to be reached after few minutes from start up.
The NG 2081 model is tailored specifically for gas chromatography (carrier gas, Make-Up, ECD).
N2 purity better than 99,9995% and a capacity of 800ml/min @ 4 bar.

Normal listprice 6.070,- €
Promotion price for show room model: 3.100,- € !

Variable multiple wavelength Fast Scanning Spectrophotometer K-2600 {$code}

Variable multiple wavelength Fast Scanning Spectrophotometer K-2600

Knauer K-2600 spectrophotometer fills the gap between DAD detection and conventional spectrophotometry.

Multiple chromatograms can be simultaneously acquired at different wavelengths.

In the stand-alone mode the detector offers two adjustable wavelengths per run between 190 nm and 740 nm, while four wavelengths are available if externally controlled. This ability makes it a valuable tool for measuring peak purity. In the on-flow mode UV-spectra can be acquired.

The fast scanning K-2600 combines high sensitivity with fast spectra scan on flow.
This detector is also available with fiber optics which offers the possibility to separate the flow cell spatially from the device and thus provides enhanced security for hazardous, explosive or toxic work processes.

You can choose between a wide range of flow cells for analytical or preparative LC applications with flow rates up to 10 l/min. The K-2600 detector can be controlled with ClarityChrom, EuroChrom and ChromGate.

List Price S-2550 (successor) : 7.924,- €
Promotion price for K-2600 including a 3 mm (1/16”) PEEK flow cell : 3.385,- € !
Promotion price for K-2600 with fiber optics connector excl. flow cell : 2.770,- € !

Find here the technical data sheet for more information.