LC Columns, Packings & Accessories

SerCoLab offers an extensive range of state-ot-the-art columns for all fields of modern UHPLC, HPLC and Prep LC. We are certified distributor for worldwide innovating manufacturers of columns and packing materials:

Blueline Ultra High Performance LC columns
Includes sub-2 µm BlueOrchid UHPLC columns, Blueshell - solid core columns 2.6 µm and Bluespher column, 2.0 µm which allow for easy method scalability.

Euroline HPLC columns for almost every HPLC application.
Euroline columns include silica-based Eurospher I and II, RP Eurosil Bioselect, polymer-based Eurokat and chiral Eurocel columns. Eurospher II for HPLC and Prep LC.

BlueShell Solid Core Columns  KNAUER

BlueShell Solid Core Columns

What’s holding you back from taking advantage of modern UHPLC column performance today?To obtain ultra high performance results comparable with sub-2...