Diode Array Detectors

AZURA Detector DAD 2.1L ADC01

AZURA Detector DAD 2.1L

The AZURA DAD 2.1L is a highly competitive diode array detector which combines high performance with easy handling at an affordable price. A wide range of easily exchangable cartridge flow...

AZURA Detector DAD 6.1L #ADC11

AZURA Detector DAD 6.1L

The new AZURA DAD 6.1L features a novel light path and flow cell architecture with improved handling and excellent performance. The frontal lamp and cell change ensures easy and secure...

PLATINblue PDA-1 Diode Array Detector UHPLC #62031

PLATINblue PDA-1 Diode Array Detector UHPLC

This extremely sensitive diode array detector with dual-lamp configuration and a data acquisition rate of up to 100 Hz has a wavelength range of 190–1000 nm. The new ultra-sensitive flow...