Our Partners

 is a well-established manufacturer of (U)HPLC instruments, preparative SMB & MCSGP systems for purification of substances in kg scale, columns and osmometers.

Tosoh Bioscience offers LC solutions for research, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, manufacturing and other industrial applications for all common modes of LC including IEC, HIC,RPC, HILIC, SEC and affinity. Tosoh Bioscience is also expert in manufacturing GPC/SEC instruments & TSKgel columns.

Axel Semrau: From Januari 1st, 2019 Spark Holland has officially transferred the supply of their products to Axel Semrau who will deliver all former Spark Holland distributors in Europe with the new CHRONECT Symbiosis systems, DBS autosampler, CHROspe on-line SPE cartridges and service/spare parts of the installed base of Spark autosamplers, including the PM kits and supplies.


Thermo Scientific offers a broad choice off quality GC, HPLC and UHPLC columns and accessories. Innovative separation materials and premium phases in novel hardware designs to meet your application needs in a global marketplace. 


membraPure is a producer of waterpurification systems for the lab (H20), Total Organic Carbon Analysers (uniTOC and miniTOC), an Amino Acid Analyser (ARACUS) and an Ion Chromatograph (IONUS).

• The Aquinity P series produce deionized water (<1µS/cm) from tapwater by reverse osmosis and UltraPure water (<0,055µS/cm) from the produced deionized water.
• The uniTOC and miniTOC are Total Organic Carbon analysers for waste water to UltraPure water applications.
• The ARACUS is a dedicated fully automated amino acid analyser using post-column derivatization with ninhydrin.
• The IONUS is an Ion Chromatography system for analysis of anions, using suppressor technology and cations.


HTA's product portfolio contains GC autosamplers, HPLC autosamplers, automated sample prep workstations and ICP autosamplers.

CLAIND is manufacturer of ultra pure gas generators and a market leader with more than 18000 gas generators working all over the world. The Claind product range consists of standard products for end users and OEM products for installation in third party machinery and plant.



SerColab is distributor for organic and anorganic standards, as Reagecon is THE partner for standards for ALL applications.

Producer of Physical and Chemical standards :

• Anion and cation (AAS, ICPOES, ICPOES, IC, …)
• Electrochemistry
• Organic
• Pharmacopeia
• Physicochemical
• Titration
• Total organic / inorganic carbon
• Industry specific : colour, beverage, dairy, pulp&paper, wine


SerCoLab has become the sole distributor for the Kromasil® columns from Nouryon on the Belgian market.


Biotech is a producer of standalone degasssers for analytical (u)HPLC (DEGASI) and prepLC (DEGASI PREP) in a range of 1 to 6 channels and flows of 0 to 1000 ml/min and your partner for fluidic components
for liquid chromatography.


MicroSaic: Pioneers in miniaturised mass spectrometry (MS), our patented chip-based technoloy enables analytical detection and characterisation at the point-of-need.


RWD: Microtomes & Cryostats