SerCoLab Newsletter - June 2021 Special - Knauer IJM LNP Skids


Impingement Jets Mixing Skids for high - flow production of nanoparticles (LNP, microemulsions, etc.)
Impingement jets mixing technology (IJM) enables the formulation and production of high-quality lipid nanoparticles carrying API, e.g. for mRNA vaccines.

The encapsulation process of active pharmaceutical ingredients with lipids is based on impingement jets mixing technology, where two streams collide at high velocity in a jet mixing chamber. One of the streams contains the lipids in organic solvents and the other stream the API in water.

The mixing at high velocity reduces the solubility of the lipids so that homogenous nanoparticles are formed. The quality of nanoparticles depends on the streams‘ flow stability, the mixer geometry and the fluid velocities.
As a final step, the mixture is quenched to stop particle growth.

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