Nitrogen generators

PSA Very High "Fast Purity" Nitrogen

All Claind Nitrogen Generators are equipped with the exclusive CLAIND "fast purity" patent based upon the PSA (pressure swing adsorbtion) principle.
Thanks to PSA technology all the Nitrogen generators produce a very high purity nitrogen by compressing ambient air and passing it into a Carbon Molecular Sieve bed (CMS).
Inside the CMS bed, oxygen, moisture, CO2 and other 'contaminants' are trapped allowing nitrogen to pass through into a holding reservoir.



Brezza NiGen LCMS

The Nitrogen LCMS series of generators in the Brezza line was created to meet the needs of all LC-MS analysers on the market. Available in 3 models: - 40.1...

Brezza NiGen GC CLAIND

Brezza NiGen GC

The Nitrogen Generator for Gas Chromatography, Circular Dichroism and Thermo Analysis is capable of delivering 500 Nml/min with purity >99.9995%.Available in a standard version and the HC...


Brezza NiGen MICRO

The Nitrogen Generator for ELSD, ABsciex LCMS and Thermal Analysis is capable of delivering up to 5000 Nml/min with purity of up to 99.5%. Complete with 6 l Nitrogen reservoir, CPU friendly...

Brezza NiGen HF CLAIND

Brezza NiGen HF

The Nitrogen HF generator for ICP and GC is capable of delivering 6 Nl/min with purity of 99.9995%. Available in two versions: - HF-0 version without compressor has a facility for...