Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

miniTOC and uniToc – for every application the appropriate analysis method

TOC analysis of Ultra Pure Water in pharmaceutical industry and power plants as well as waste water from production sides - we provide the appropriate instrument for the determination of your TOC. Both units use UV radiation as oxidation method. The miniTOC instrument uses conductivity measurement. In the uniTOC NDIR detection is used for TOC determination. Both detection methods have their respective advantages. The miniTOC is more convenient for pure and ultrapure water (conductivity>2µS/cm), while the uniTOC unit offers a wider application spectrum.

miniTOC Analyzer membraPure

miniTOC Analyzer

 The perfect fit to all HPW and UPW systems By introducing the new miniTOC membraPure presents a suitable instrument for all clients who need online control of their...

uniTOC Analyzer membraPure

uniTOC Analyzer

By introducing  uniTOC – process and uniTOC – online instruments membraPure presents 2 high class systems for the online determination of TOC content of pure and ultra pure...