LC Columns, Packings & Accessories

Columns include silica-based Eurospher I and II, RP Eurosil Bioselect, polymer-based Eurokat and chiral Eurocel columns.Eurospher II for HPLC and Prep LC.

Accucore Core
Enhandced Technology columns. Columns with 2.6 µm particles for Fast LC and Accucore XL with 4.0 µm for enhanced performance in standard HPLC.

Hypersil GOLD
The culmination of over 35 years of experience in the product development and manufacturing of HPLC media and columns. Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ columns are available in 12 different chemistries. Hypersil GOLD columns offer chromatographers outstanding peak shape for reversed phase, ion exchange, HILIC or normal phase chromatography. All 12 phases are also available with 1.9 µm particle size for UHPLC systems.

Acclaim columns