Brezza NiGen LCMS


The Nitrogen LCMS series of generators in the Brezza line was created to meet the needs of all LC-MS analysers on the market.
Available in 3 models:

- 40.1 version with output of 40Nl/min and integral compressor

- 40.0 version with output of 40 Nl/min without compressor

- 100 version with output of 100 Nl/min without compressor

Each model is able to supply up to 4 LC-MS analysers with very high nitrogen purity up to 99.9% guaranteed by the PSA system with the exclusive CLAIND "Fast Purity" patent. 

Remote control, up to 32 units, by an innovative software interfaced with the CPU or every PC. 

Noise levels and maintenance requirements are reduced thanks to the 50 liter Nitrogen storage tank and the internal compressed air accumulator meaning less frequent air compressor starts.
The 40-1 version, equipped with a special built-in full oil-free compressor, also features minimum noise levels thanks to a series of sound-proofing and antivibration features. The 40-0 version has a facility for connection to the factory compressed air line.
The LC/MS analysers made and marketed by various manufacturers do not all share the same requirements in terms of type, flow rate, pressure and purity of the gases needed for their operation. Therefore Claind, thanks to its own experience and to the local and worldwide partnerships with the most important instrument manufacturers, has studied customized solutions to supply the main LC/MS analyzers present on the market.
For example, there are customized solutions for: - AGILENT (NiGen LCMS 40.1/40.0) - AGILENT, BRUKER Collision cell (NiGen LCMS 40.1/40.0 + UHP purifier) - APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS (NiGen LCMS 40.1/40.0 + 3 Press. Regul/Dryer) - WATERS, THERMO FISHER, VARIAN, SHIMADZU (NiGen LCMS 40.1/40.0)

Please feel free to contact us for further information on technical features and accessories for the Brezza NiGen LCMS or download the brochure below.


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