Mid Range

Introducing Mid Range: A strong, reliable and cost effective family of gas generators for the analytical applications

Mid Range is a line of products essential for who have been experiencing the advantages of the Claind gas generators over the years and wants to continue this experience. The products a cost effective alternative for traditional GC applications to be operated in laboratory and in the field. The products are strong due to more than 20 years experience and continuous improvement of quality and recently restyled to be stronger and more reliable.

Rack version for mobile laboratories

Multiple gas Air and Nitrogen with built in compressor

Cost effective

Long life experienced (since 10 years of operation)



Hydro 200 CLAIND

Hydro 200

The Hydro 200 is a cost effective, user friendly hydrogen generator equipped with an easy to use keypad for monitoring of operational status, longlife of consumables and alerts for safety and...



UHP PSA technology Nitrogen and Air generator with built-in air compressor. The multiple generator supplies up to 800Nml/min of UHP Nitrogen and up to 3 Nl/min of Zero Air. Requires...

Nitro 70 CLAIND

Nitro 70

PSA Claind Hi Flow 70 l/min Nitrogen generator with Fast Purity system, Complete with 24 l Nitrogen reservoir. Supplies up to 3 units LCMS for ESI and APCI Interface on all LCMS analyzers...



Air Generator with built-in Oil Free Air Compressor for all TOC Analyzers in the market, H2O, HCT and CO2 free with the high-efficiency Palladium-Rhodium HC system. Delivers up to...