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Expert level for every task

We strongly believe that every lab deserves the best for their HPLC tasks, no matter if it concerns routine analyses with only a few peaks to be separated or high-value R&D analyses. Therefor we've designed an instrument that brings expertise, high separation power, high sensitivity and flexibility into your daily analyses.

Extensive possibilities

With a wide array of detectors, auxiliary pumps and valves, the system can be tailor-made upon your needs. Our knowledge and experience is at your service to help you find the right configuration to solve your problem.

Up and Running from Day 1

We implement your method during installation and training. In this way you can start analysing from the first day. The intuitive ClarityTM  software helps in faster development of new methods.

Service and support from the experts

A team of experts is available to help you out whenever problems might occur. We will never leave you in the dark and will support you throughout the whole life cycle of your instrument

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