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ACS Observ-OnlineAnalyzer

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Process Analytical Technology

  • Manage your process better with unique detection capabilities (including MS)
  • Precise and accurate results
  • See process variations in quasi-real-time
  • Online-UHPLC = fast cycle times
  • Efficient, unattended operation
  • Quick ROI - low operating costs

Automate the analyses and follow-up the production process without the hassle of manual sample taking.

The Observ-Online-HPLC takes samples from the process or wastestreams and continuously monitors all the chosen sample components.

For extra flexibility the system can be adapted to your needs (dilution, pH adjustment, post-column reaction,...) Even the implementation of a micro mass spectrometric detector (μSQD) is a possibility.

Triple stage filtration

The Observ-Online-HPLC filters the sample both at the sample taking and after injection. This assures a troublefree, robust process that can run operator free, 24/7.

Up and Running from Day 1

We implement your method during installation and training. In this way you can start analysing from the first day. The intuitive ClarityTM  software helps in faster development of new methods

Service and support from the experts

A team of experts is available to help you out whenever problems might occur. We will never leave you in the dark and will support you throughout the whole life cycle of your instrument.


ACS Observ-OnlineAnalyzer
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