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BlueShadow 50D

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The BlueShadow 50D offers high sensitivity and baseline stability for HPLC applications including fast LC methods. With its high speed scanning design, up to four different wavelengths can be monitored simultaneously while acquiring spectral data from 190 to 750 nm. Its remarkable values for noise, drift, and linearity are achieved through smart optical bench technology and the use of optimized components.

The detector comes with an installed deuterium lamp which covers a wavelength range from 190 to 750 nm. With its extensive programming and control functions as well as input/output options (front panel, RS-232, LAN, analog), it can be integrated into almost any LC system.

Key features

variable multiple wavelength
large choice of flow cells
wavelength range from 190 - 750 nm
4 wavelengths can be recorded using software control
2 wavelengths can be recorded using standalone function

BlueShadow 50D
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