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Brezza AirGen TOC

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The ultra pure air generator for TOC analysis is equipped with PSA dryer and Palladium-Platinum HC system capable of supplying 1500 Nml/min.
The Pl/Pd catalytic reactor is designed and manufactured by Claind for its exclusive use. Total hydrocarbons (THCs) are reduced under 0.1 ppm allowing extremely low, flat and stable baseline of up to 8 GC-FID/NPD analyzers, enhancing sensitivity and improving report analysis. The AirGen TOC also includes a high-efficiency final filter for removal of residual CO2(< 1 ppm).

The practical CPU with touch screen display allows monitoring of up to 32 Brezza modules. Monitor operational status and menus with report alarms and functioning parameters even from PC via internet thanks to an Ethernet output.
This stackable, compact model can easily be integrated with a Brezza series dedicated air compressor.

Brezza AirGen TOC
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