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Brezza HyGen

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When positioned in an analytical laboratory the stackable design and easy to use program are prominent.  A micro-processor control guarantees extreem safety and can also be interfaced with the CPU for remote control. Provides H2 in a few minutes and goes in Stand-by position when no consumption.
HyGen Generators feed GC detectors FID, NPD, FPD, TCD or as Carrier Gas. The Brezza Hydrogen Generator is available in three models for gas flows from 200 to 600 Nml/min. Pressure delivery of up to 8 bar allows the Brezza units to be used also for "FAST GC". High certified purity (>99.9995%) is guaranteed due to the innovative HT PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolytic cell.

For further information on technical features and accessories for the Brezza HyGen please feel free to contact us or download following brochure.

Brezza HyGen
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