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Azura ECD 2.1

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High Sensitive Electrochemical Detector for Liquid Chromatography - single cell control, with DC, pulse and scan mode

With its measurement frequency up to 100 Hz, this electrochemical detector is specially designed for super-fast highly sensitive and selective measurement of oxidisable and reducible substances in (U)HPLC. The AZURA ECD 2.1 comprises of a thermostat-controlled Faraday's cage, accommodating column and flow cell. The AZURA ECD 2.1 unites the three operating modes DC, Pulse and Scan in one instrument. The DC mode covers about 90% of all applications. The pulse mode is important for PAD (Pulsed Amperometric Detection) of e.g. carbohydrates. The scan mode is used to obtain a voltammogram in method optimization. A digital low-pass filter provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. For highest sensitivity, the SenCell flow cell is recommended. The correct flow cell can be chosen from a broad variety of flow cells after our advice.

The AZURA ECD 2.1 is controlled by software packages ClarityChrom® and Chromeleon®.

Azura ECD 2.1
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