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ACS FoodAnalyzer

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  • Quick and accurate quality analysis for food, foodstuffs, animal feed and supplements
  • Automated protocol - no extra workload
  • Automated calculation and reporting
  • Complete kits, including protocol

The FoodAnalyzer is used for quantitative determination of specific analytes in food.

In contrast to typical general HPLC systems the FoodAnalyzer is specifically designed for the analysis of a well-defined scope of compounds and matrices. This allows top performance in analytical applications with limited sample preparation.


ACS FoodAnalyzer
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Scope of analysis in human & animal food chain

  • Carbohydrates (Sugar Profile): Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, Maltose, Lactose

  • Organic Acids

  • Mycotoxins: Don, Niv, Ota, Afla, Zea, Fumonisins, HT-2, T-2

  • Arcylamide

  • Vitamins

  • Amino Acids

    • Extract - Filter - Analyze

      By using the standardized reagent kits no laborious sample preparation is needed.

      When using conventional equipment and methods sample preparation is often needed to eliminate interference or to protect certain parts of the hardware (e.g. detector cell). The reagent kits and instrument configuration are developed in such an innovative way it outperforms conventional methods in terms of complexity, labor time and overall analysis cost.


      The hardware platform combined with the reagent kits makes it possible to analyze a whole scope of analytes with one system. For certain compounds however an extra detector might be needed (and is available).


      A team of experts is available to help you out whenever problems might occur. We will never leave you in the dark and will support you throughout the whole life cycle of your instrument.