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Sedex 85LT

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Light Scattering Detector Sedex 85LT for universal detection, 5 µl/min - 5 ml/min, 100 Hz

highest sensitivity by evaporation of the mobile phase at low temperatures
LOD: 1 ng caffeine on column

Using the unique Low Temperature technology, this detector allows the achievement very high sensitivity.The technology is gradient compatible and is independent of the absorption characteristics of the eluents. Compounds can be universally measured with this detector (carbohydrates, proteins, peptides, polymers, lipids, steroids, etc.), regardless of their fluorescence, absorption or refractive-index characteristics. Comprehensive SOP protocols for GLP conformity and validation procedures are available.

This detector can be controlled with OpenLab® EZChrom and ClarityChrom® software, via RS-232 or via the keypad and digital display on the front panel, allowing it to be integrated into almost any LC system.

Sedex 85LT
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