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Sedex LC

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universal ELSD detection for HPLC, with innovative SAGA Technology, ideal for preparative application. The patented SEDEX Automated Gain Adjustment “SAGA” extends the higher signal range to several tens of volts.Using this feature,  the gain value is dynamically set to avoid saturation of the detector.
The SEDEX LC™ ELSD is capable of monitoring eluent flow rates from 200μL/min to 2mL/min.

Key features

- very high sensitivity using low temperature technology. LOD: 5 ng caffeine on column
- optimised response characteristics for thermolabile and semi-volatile substances
the innovative digital signal processing for reduction of noise
- gas, heating, photomultiplier and lamp can be automatically shut off at the end of a series of analyses
- excellent price/performance ratio

Sedex LC
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