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Sensory Analysis of Food Products


Costumers today have an increased interest in healthier products and are becoming more conscious about the ingredients they consume. 66% of Global Consumers Say they are willing to pay more for Sustainable Brands1, and this sentiment is even more pronounced among millennials, with 73% sharing the same perspective. In response to this growing demand for transparency, companies are actively embracing innovation. For instance, Kellogg's and Campbell's are taking steps to eliminate artificial colours and flavours from their products.

At ACS we are committed to meet the expectations of both consumers and the industry by providing practical and dependable solutions. Our goal is to assist you in creating functional, sustainable, safe, and health-conscious products that offer an exceptional sensory experience.

With our Sensory Solutions Package we can help establish a complete profile of your product in terms of sensory experience. This profile can help in improving quality by improving production consistency over time.

Standardize sensory quality in production plants worldwide.

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Sensory Analysis of Food Products
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