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TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HTP/HR — TSKgel® UltraSW Aggregate


Aqueous size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is the method of choice for the analysis of protein fragments, monomers, and aggregates under non-denaturing conditions. Based on the flow of the sample through a porous stationary phase SEC separates molecules according to their size, or more precisely, their hydrodynamic volume. In aqueous elution systems SEC is also referred to as gel filtration chromatography (GFC). TSKgel G3000SWXL columns have been the industry’s standard for quality control of monoclonals by SEC for decades. Based on the proven proprietary surface technology of the renowned TSKgel SW series, a new series of silica-based SEC columns was engineered to provide shorter analysis time or higher resolution for antibody analysis.


  • Optimized for antibody analysis
  • Small particle size for UHPLC use
  • Highest resolution with SuperSW mAb HR
  • Fast separation with SuperSW mAb HTP
  • Higher molecular weight range with UltraSW Aggregate
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TSKgel® SuperSW mAb HTP/HR — TSKgel® UltraSW Aggregate
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